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Interior experts have stated that some shades will become so popular to colorize a living room this year. So far, what have they predicted is actually proven since lots of home improvement magazine keeps showing lots of beautiful living room decorations in particular colors. It means that it’s the right time for you to remodel your very own living room to look much fresher.

What You Will Get in This Article:

  • Latest minimalist living room ideas to create an up-to-date decoration.
  • Easy guide to decorating a living room with some trending colors of the year.
  • Simple tips to choose the best color for your living room.

Wall Paintings for Living Room

For your reference, we have summarized some best paintings for minimalist living room which become the popular ones today. You can choose the perfect color that suits your taste for redecorating your living room.

So, let’s just stay tuned here to find out what we have prepared for you!

Muted Gray

paintings for living room 1

The neutral shade is always an everyone’s favorite from time to time. This year, the muted gray is chosen for the latest paintings for living room that you can try. By choosing this color option, you can let the colors of furniture and accessories in the room popped up perfectly.

Blushing Rose

paintings for living room 2

This year, everyone starts to leave an all-white layout and pick the rose gold as its replacement of painting for living room. It creates a bright overall look with a more warming vine that everyone will surely love.

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Earthy Combination

paintings for living room 3

Bringing the mother nature’s atmosphere to a living room is always a good idea to make it freshly adorable. That’s why the combination of earthy colors is our next latest paintings for living room. Green, brown, and wood touch can be some considerable options to try.

Bold Navy

paintings for living room 4

It’s so undeniable that navy is one of the best colors which can make a room look as stylish as it can be. The shade becomes so popular as the paintings for living room this year. Some experts suggest combining the color with some luxurious touch like gold to create an ‘exclusive living room’.

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Bright Yellow

paintings for living room 5

If you prefer to create a catchy bright living room, yellow should be on top of your paintings for living room choice. Yellow will surely give a cheerful nuance that you can combine with some muted tones to neutralize it.

Decorative Teal

paintings for living room 6

Teal is the chic combination of green and blue which sill style up your living room gorgeously. Adding some decorative touch like festive rugs or colorful furniture can make a teal living room look superbly attractive.

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Bold Black

paintings for living room 7

A living room with the black overall decoration is the one that will suit your bold taste. The shade become the popular paintings for living room since it’s quite easy to blend with other colors.

Deep Purple

paintings for living room 8

This color option will create a glamorous, chic, and bold decoration which makes it one of the best paintings for living room this year. Add some neutral touches to neutralize the overwhelming boldness of the deep purple.

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Soft Bright Blue

paintings for living room 9

Another good color option to create a bright living room instead of white. The soft bright blue will create a dazzling living room with the soothing atmosphere that is so worth to try.

Warm Beige

paintings for living room 10
image source

Wanna have a bright warming minimalist living room? Well, beige will work well to create such vibe. It’s a beautiful color with the warm tone which can surely make a room feels as comfortable as possible.

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Those latest minimalist living room are the ones that you can use as the reference to update your own living room. Each option has its particular character which will create a particular that may or may not suit your needs.

Therefore, it’s so important to determine what character that your living room should have before deciding to pick one shade. Then, you can decorate it with other elements which match very well with the color. Keep in mind to make it look nicely harmonious so everyone can enjoy the room as exhilarating as possible.


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