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A living room must be the warmest place in your home. It is the best place to share your happiness with your family. For you who have a farmhouse interior design, a gorgeous farmhouse living room chairs can be the right solution for your living room improvement. However, it is quite challenging to find the right furniture, especially high-quality furniture with reasonable price. Moreover, you have to make sure its design fits the scheme and blend nicely with the other furniture. To help you out find the best chairs, our team has gathered top-quality farmhouse chairs for your reference. Let’s check it out!

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Farmhouse Living Room Chairs – Beekman 1802 FarmHouse (Price: $299.99)

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Charming! That’s the right word to describe this lovely chair. This stylish armchair made of a sturdy wooden frame will grant you comforts when you sit on it. The best part is; this lovely chair is surprisingly cheap. With only $299 you can have this gorgeous chair. Considering its high-quality material and adorable design, this farmhouse chair is the perfect choice for your living room improvement.

Dimensions 36.2 inches (D) x 37.0 inches (H) x 38.6 inches (W)
Material Frame (Plywood)
Weight 49 pound
Holds up to  300 pounds
Seat Dimensions  20.8 inches [D] x 26.9 inches [W]

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Farmhouse Living Room Chairs – Colin Tufted Club Chair (Price: $575.99)

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A rustic furniture is an ideal match for a farmhouse interior scheme. And this adorable rustic chair will transform your living room into a perfect place for you and your family. Its simple design creates an engaging feeling which gives your living room a warm feeling. Moreover, the back cushion, armrest, and seat are filled with 100% foam to ensure your comforts. You don’t have to worry about its durability, since this chair made of hardwood frame and distress mahogany finish. Lastly, the $575 is a reasonable price you need to pay for this classy chair.

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Dimensions  34.4 inches (D) x32.7 inches (H) x 28.0 inches (W)
Material Frame (Hardwood)
Weight 39.8  pounds
Holds up to  300 pounds
Seat Dimensions  20.5 inches [D] x 18.9 inches [W]

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Farmhouse Living Room Chairs – Omni Rattan Barrel Chair (Price: $329.99)

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It doesn’t need to be so complicated to improve a farmhouse living room. You can make it looks much better by adding a minimalist chair like a rattan chair. Made of high-quality rattan, its powder-coated finish produce a distinctive feeling in your living room. To ensure your this gorgeous chair ‘s seat covered with 100% cotton. Ultimately, its price is so affordable! You can have it for $329.99!!

Dimensions 29.5 inches (W) x 29.0 inches (D) 31.5 inches (H)
Material Frame (Rattan)
Weight 17.73  pounds
Holds up to  275  pounds
Seat Dimensions  20.0 inches (W) x 18.0 inches (H)

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Farmhouse Living Room Chairs – Buckler Club Chair (Price: $589.99)

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An outstanding chair design by Safavieh which can turn a boring living room into a gorgeous farmhouse living room. Its black and white colors add an elegant accent to your living room. Then, the hard-wood material grants you a long-lasting chair. Its clubby look softened by plush upholstery make it a perfect chair for a farmhouse scheme. Lastly, the $589.99 price tag surely worth every penny of your money if decide to buy it.

Dimensions  28.5 inches (D) x 38.2 inches (H) x 31.9 inches (W)
Material Frame (Hard Wood)
Weight 40  pounds
Holds up to  240  pounds
Seat Dimensions   18.9 inches [D] x 22.0 inches [W]

Farmhouse Living Room Chairs – Felton Tufted Chair (Price: $284.99)

Farmhouse Living Room Chairs - 5

If you want to create an instant impact, placing this elegant chair is a very good idea to improve your living room. Crafted from sturdy wood in espresso finish make it looks so attractive. Moreover, Its simple design adds a strong accent to your living room, make it a great place to refill your energy.Ultimately, you can have this adorable farmhouse chair with only $289! What an amazing price for a top-quality chair.

Dimensions  33.5 inches (D) x 34.0 inches (H) x 32.0 inches (W)
Material Frame (Hard Wood)
Weight 43.5  pounds
Holds up to  225  pounds
Seat Dimensions   23.0 inches [D] x 22.0 inches [W]

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Farmhouse Living Room Chairs – Peoria Wood Arm Chair (Price: $169.99)

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We save the best for the last, a full hand-crafted chair with elegant design for your living room farmhouse. Comfort is the main focus when designing this lovely chair. Its cushion foam will grants you comfort and makes you feel relax. The best thing about it is the price which is only $169.99! Compared to another high-quality furniture, this Peoria Wood Arm Chair is the best regarding its affordable price.

Dimensions  31.25 inches (D) x 30.0 inches (H) x 22.0 inches (W)
Material Frame (Hard Wood)
Weight 22.6  pounds
Holds up to 300  pounds
Seat Dimensions 19.5 inches (W) x 13.5 inches (H)


You have to improve your living room properly if you want to create a charming and calming atmosphere in your home. It can be challenging, but with the right furniture you can improve it and make it the best place at home. Hope you have a good read and get some inspiration. Give me your thoughts about living room improvement in the comment section below!


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