10 Beautiful Small Kitchen Design Ideas [Amazing Kitchen Ideas]

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Designing a small kitchen can be so tricky since you have to properly arrange the appliances, furniture, decor items, and other elements. Unlike the medium or large kitchen, you will have a very limited space to make your small kitchen feels comfortable to use and look adorable at the same time. It’s such a challenging thing to decorate a small kitchen properly, so you will need some great small kitchen design ideas inspirations. So, check these out!

What You Will Get on This Article:

  • 10 best small kitchen design ideas that will totally inspire you.
  • Simple guide to properly arrange the appliances, furniture, decorative items, and accessories in a small kitchen.
  • Easy tips to decorate a small kitchen by choosing the right color and decor style.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Yes, you have come to the right place if you are looking for the best kitchen design ideas which are designed by the best home experts. Just stay tuned with our article to check out what we have prepared for you!

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Dazzling Earthy Kitchen


Combining the modern and earthy touch in one kitchen layout is always a good option, and these small kitchen design ideas show how to make it well. The dazzling stainless steel kitchen appliances and glossy cabinet are paired with the wood flooring which creates a stunning layout.

Those shiny kitchen features make the room look wider and the huge window optimally lets the outdoor light to come through the kitchen.

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Decorative All-White Kitchen

Small Kitchen Design Ideas 2

White is surely a good color option to colorize a small kitchen since it can beautifully brighten up a narrow space. Here, the subtle tile is chosen to make an all-white doesn’t look too plain. Then, the rustic stool and grey marble countertop soothingly colorize the room.

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Colorful White Kitchen

Small Kitchen Design Ideas 3

Again, an all-white small kitchen design ideas which look so attractive with its decoration. The geometric countertop and festive flooring add a festive touch gorgeously. You can see how the color of the countertop and flooring are so harmoniously beautiful.

Rosy Blushing Kitchen

small kitchen design ideas

The pretty blushing kitchen with the combination of white and rose for you who love a feminine decoration.  It’s a great inspiration to colorize an all-white kitchen while still keeps its soothing nuance.

Bold Monochrome Kitchen

Small Kitchen Design Ideas 4

The monochrome layout is one of the popular options that you can try to create an ultimate modern kitchen. This kitchen small design ideas shows a great mixture of neutral palettes and dark wood flooring which makes it look boldly gorgeous.

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Decorative Blue Kitchen

Small Kitchen Design Ideas 5

Looking for a fully-colored small kitchen design ideas? Well, this one is a good option to try. The decor is dominated by decorative blue wallpaper and the blue cabinet makes it even more stylish.

Earthy White Kitchen

Small Kitchen Design Ideas 6

Brown is a good color option to give an earthy touch to a room layout. In this small kitchen design ideas, brown colorizes the cabinet and flooring which makes a white kitchen look much fresher.

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Rustic White Kitchen

Small Kitchen Design Ideas 7

The beautiful white kitchen with the gorgeous rustic touch which looks so inspiring to copy. To create a more natural vibe, some indoor plants are added around the room.

Textured Grey Kitchen

Small Kitchen Design Ideas 8

Another small kitchen design ideas with the grey overall look, this has a more textured nuance due to the finish of its cabinets. It’s a good inspiration for you who want to have a neutral kitchen.

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Minimalist Kitchen

Small Kitchen Design Ideas 9
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The chic small kitchen design ideas which look simply wonderful with the light gray and white combination. It has the big windows which become the key to make the room look brighter and wider.

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Since you have a limited space in a small kitchen, you have to minimize the numbers of furniture, appliances, and accessories. Then, keep in mind to always choose the kitchen features which will give a harmonious nuance without making your kitchen look stuffy.

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The simple tips that you can try to decorate a small kitchen is by making the room look as bright as possible and providing lots of hidden storages. The big windows and soft colors are always the god considerations to choose. Furthermore, some DIY kitchen organizers can be the considerable addition to provide extra storages.


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