5 Amazing Kitchen Remodel Ideas | Before and After Makeover

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Just like the other rooms of your house, the trend of the kitchen’s layout also keeps improving from time to time. You will find that the color, appliances, furniture, and decor items in the kitchen are different from the last years. Therefore, being an up-to-date homeowner is always an important thing to have the latest decor which doesn’t look outdated. To help you to know what is the latest kitchen decor that you can try, we have picked some kitchen remodel ideas that will totally inspire you. Check it out!

What You Will Get on This Article:

  • 15 surprising kitchen remodel ideas with before and after pictures for your ultimate inspiration.
  • Simple guides to remodel your kitchen to become the up-to-date one.
  • Brief tips about kitchen remodeling ideas from the home improvement experts.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Here, we share you the surprising before and after pictures of the kitchen remodel ideas that you can try to copy. Let’s just keep reading to see what we have prepared for you.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Paint the Cabinet


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As the focal point of the kitchen, having a freshly painted cabinet can be an easy way to remodel your kitchen. In this kitchen remodeling ideas, the brown cabinet is turned into an all-white one which looks so adorable.


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The homeowner also replaces the backsplash and countertop with the grey one to create a beautiful neutral layout. An all-white layout is one of the most popular looks that is always worth to consider.

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Farmhouse to Industrial


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The two-tone cabinet with the farmhouse style of this kitchen looks a little bit outdated. Then, the homeowner changes the design and the finish of the cabinet at the same to have a more up-to-date decor.


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This kitchen remodel ideas shows a transformation from a farmhouse-inspired kitchen to an industrial one. The combination of the grey cabinet, exposed beam, masculine pendants, and rustic dining set creates an industrial vibe in a very stylish way.

Old Gloomy to All-White Chic


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The spacious kitchen with the decorative ceiling an old backsplash in off-white overall look totally need to be remodeled. Though it has the spacious space, it still looks stuffy.


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Then, all the hanging cabinets are removed to make the room looks fresher and wide. The ceiling and wall are finished with white and the wooden flooring is chosen, creating a simply adorable all-white layout.

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Warm Vintage to Dazzling Modern


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Basically, this kitchen is decorated with the vintage layout which looks warm due to the shades of brown domination. Obviously, the kitchen looks so old and quite uncomfortable with the improper furniture arrangement.


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The after picture shows an amazing transformation to a modern kitchen layout. Dark grey, black, white colorizes the room which makes it look as modern as possible.

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Old-Fashioned to Stylish Farmhouse


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The two-tone old-fashioned cabinet of this kitchen creates such an uninviting vibe which should be replaced with the new one.  It gives the room such an improper balance which doesn’t look stylish at all.


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Actually, there is no significant change is made in this kitchen remodel ids but it’s enough to make the original kitchen look more admirable. The farmhouse style is chosen which actually needs the minor change since the old kitchen also has the rustic nuance.

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Bold Elegance to Gorgeous Bright


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The combination of deep brown cabinetry and grey flooring of the original kitchen creates a deep bold layout. It may seem too gloomy without the proper lighting around the room.


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image source

Therefore, white is chosen to fully colorize this medium-sized kitchen which makes it look much brighter, wider, and fresher. The big window and washed flooring even enhance the brightness of the room stylishly.

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The all-white or bright layout can always be a good option when you are about to remodel your kitchen. It’s a popular latest kitchen remodel ideas which is so considerable to try anytime.

The main thing is, when you are about to remodel your kitchen, you have to create a nice harmonious look which shows a particular decor style. Farmhouse, industrial, all-white, or earthy layout are some choices that you can opt.

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