10 Latest Kitchen Design Ideas of 2018 For the Trendiest Look

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Since the trend of home decor keeps changing from time to time, it’s always such an important job for you as the homeowner to make it look as trendy as possible. And one part that you can’t miss to update is the kitchen which works as the hub of the house. In fact, the trend of the kitchen is actually the one which changes faster over time, so you can’t let it look outdated for sure. To solve such case, you will need some inspiration to give your kitchen layout the latest touch properly.

What You’ll Get on this Article:

  • 15 latest kitchen design ideas to create an up-to-date look for your kitchen.
  • What kind of kitchen appliances and decor items that you need to have for the 2018 kitchen trend.
  • Simple tips to decorate your kitchen layout from the home improvement experts.

15 Best Kitchen Design Ideas of 2018

Here, we share with you the latest kitchen design ideas for your ultimate inspiration when you have a plan to remodel your beloved kitchen any soon. Let’s just check them out!

New Kitchen Ideas

Pastel Touch

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Applying pastel shade to one side of the walls in your kitchen is the easy remodel that you can do. It can be applied both to colorize an all-white and to neutralize a colorful kitchen layout.

Shades of Blue

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Blue has become the most popular shade for 2018 kitchen design ideas. Many homeowners apply (not one) but multiple shades of blue to their kitchen.

You can go with navy cabinet and the lighter blue for the backsplash. This trend is better applied to an all-white kitchen.

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Dark Warm Hue

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The combination of bold and dark color is the good option for you who want to feel a warm atmosphere around your kitchen. However, some home improvement experts still suggest that you will need to bring the lighter touch to this kind of kitchen decor.

The light rustic finish is strongly recommended since it will brighten up the room but still keeps its warm nuance.

Glam Decor Kitchen Ideas

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Love something glamorous for your kitchen? Well, a touch of gold is actually one of the most favorite elements of the latest kitchen design ideas.

The thing is, you have to pair it with the naturally-finished furniture or appliance to get the latest look.

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Smaller Kitchen Island

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The kitchen island has become one of the most popular additions to provide a joyful seating area in every kitchen. As for the latest kitchen design ideas, the island is designed in a smaller size which is enough to provide the cozy seating space for 2 or 4.

Furthermore, the portable kitchen island with caster wheels is the best-selling option than the permanent one.

Vibrant Touch

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If you think the pastel looks too boring, don’t worry, you can still choose the vibrant color to colorize your kitchen. Yellow, red, and green are some considerable option for the latest kitchen design ideas.

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Hidden Lighting

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Forget about the hanging chandelier or the wall-mount lighting fixture since those are not included in our latest kitchen design trend. Replace them with the hidden LED light which will make your kitchen look as modern as possible.

Installing this kind of light around the prep area or under the island can be the good recommendation to try.

Decorative Rustic Flooring


The beautiful decorative rustic flooring is definitely a good solution to neutralize the atmosphere of the kitchen. It makes the room look more festive without changing its basic character.

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Quarts Countertop

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And the most favorite countertop material goes to the quarts for the 2018 kitchen design. The main reasons are the quartz countertop is much easier to maintain and makes the kitchen look timelessly stylish.

Sleek Cabinetry

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The cabinet without pulls and knobs is the great option that you can consider to purchase to create an up-to-date kitchen design. It always gives such a modern appeal to the kitchen decor attractively.

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So those are some elements that you can use in decorating your old kitchen to be the trendiest one. They are not so hard to copy and without costing you a lot too.

Furthermore. keep in mind to determine the existing layout of your kitchen to create a nice harmonious look.

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