7 Fixer Upper Kitchens Remodeling Ideas That Will Surprise You

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The Fixer Upper is surely the best program that you have to watch when you are about to give some improvements to your house. There are always the elements of surprise that will definitely inspire you. Obviously, you can find lots of surprising fixer upper kitchens remodelings which are surely mind-blowing. Those ideas are very inspiring to refer when you are about to remodel your beloved kitchen. Check it out!

What Will You Get on this Article:

  • Best inspirations of Fixer Upper Kitchens for your ultimate reference.
  • Simple guides to create the similar Fixer Upper Kitchens easily.
  • Brief tips to remodel your old-boring kitchen to be the most adorable one.

Fixer Upper Kitchens

Check out these Fixer Upper Kitchens remodeling that will totally blow your mind! They are so worth to be the reference when you are about to give some improvements to your very own bathroom!

Fixer Upper Kitchen Photos

From Rustic to Stylish Kitchen

fixer upper kitchen 1

In this Fixer Upper Kitchen remodeling, the boring old kitchen is changed into a very stylish layout. The before kitchen shows an old-fashioned nuance with the combination of rustic and white decor which looks stuffy.

fixer upper kitchen 2

Then, all the cabinets are finished in dazzling white which beautifully brightens up the kitchen. With the black pulls, the cabinet looks simply admirable which gives the modern and classic vibe at the same time.

To make the kitchen look more festive, the decorative tile is chosen as the backsplash. Furthermore, the rustic flooring gives another style to the overall look of the kitchen.

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Uniting The Separated Kitchen

fixer upper kitchen 3

Today, combining the dining room and kitchen has become the most popular layout, especially those who use the kitchen island with seating area. So this Fixer Upper Kitchen removes the wood wall which separates the kitchen and dining room.

fixer upper kitchen 4

The after picture of this Fixer Upper Kitchen shows that it’s more effective install a kitchen island with seating area to provide the joyful spot. Then, the kitchen looks so spacious which is perfectly brighten up with the all-white cabinet.

For sure, this Fixer Upper Kitchen layout fits well for you who prefer the neutral decoration. Its combination of white, grey and deep wood creates a very inviting nuance that everyone will love.

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Warm All-Wood to Bright Farmhouse Kitchen

fixer upper kitchen 5

The cramped kitchen with an all-wood layout looks so unattractive without any stylish touch. Therefore, the Fixer Upper Kitchen crew turn it to a brightly dazzling farmhouse kitchen which looks so gorgeous.

fixer upper kitchen 6

All of the unnecessary cabinets is removed which is actually the main factor that makes the previous kitchen look so stuffy. The simple floor white cabinet takes over the kitchen which also styles it up gorgeously. Then, the gray brick-style backsplash is chosen to keep the room feels airy.

With the effective arrangement of fixture and furniture in this Fixer Upper Kitchen, the crew is able to install a beautiful kitchen island. Those elements that create a chic farmhouse layout smartly.

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Fixer Upper Kitchen Cabinets

fixer upper kitchen 7

This one is basically a two-tone kitchen layout which is dominated by soft brown and white. The room is lack of something which makes it look so plain and boring.

fixer upper kitchen 8

Yeap, the kitchen is less bold, so the Fixer Upper Kitchens Remodelling replaced the flooring with the wood one in the rustic finish and paint the entire wall and ceiling with bright white. Such combination creates a more attractive nuance for the kitchen in a very stylish way.

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Classically Gloomy to Chic Industrial

fixer upper kitchen 9

The combination of ‘too much’ cabinet in the deep rustic finish and decorative brown flooring in this kitchen simply creates an uninviting nuance. Then, it becomes even worse with the inappropriate lighting which makes the room look so gloomy.

fixer upper kitchens 10
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Again, this Fixer Upper Kitchens idea threw away those old-fashioned cabinets and let the exposed brick wall decorate the room. Furthermore, the huge window then makes this medium-sized kitchen looks way more comfortable.

The rustic layout and vintage decor items in this Fixer Upper Kitchens creates a very stylish industrial layout which is so tempting to copy.

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Those Fixer Upper Kitchens remodeling ideas can be applied to your very own kitchen depending on how its existing layout looks like. You just need to choose the one which fits well with your kitchen.

As you may have noticed the basic notion of the Fixer Upper Kitchen is how to unite all the elements of the kitchen to create an inviting look and feels. It mostly relates to the proper color combination, lighting portion, and decor item choices.


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