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For decades, Sundance Hot Tubs has produced lots of hot tub models with guaranteed quality which have pleased many homeowners. The brand’s hot tubs are designed very well and made of high-grade materials to ensure your comfort. Then, the features that each model are equipped with will give an exhilarating hydrotherapy moment as you need.

What You Will Get in this Article:

  • 3 most recommended Sundance hot tubs which are offered under $8,000.
  • Brief reviews of each model to find the one that suits your needs.
  • Simple tips and guides to choose the best hot tubs to buy.

Sundance Hot Tubs

If you are looking for the affordable hot tubs with guaranteed quality, you have come to the right place because we have picked some recommended models which are manufactured by Sundance Spas. So just keep reading to see what we have prepared for you!

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Denali (680 Series)

sundance hot tubs 1

The classic yet modern round hot tub with 4-person seating capacity which will give you a maximum relaxing time. It comes with a spacious space which makes it so comfortable to use even in its maximum capacity. But for that, the manufacturer removed the lounger to benefit the space as efficiently as possible.

There are 20 hydrotherapy jets with stainless steel trim all around this Sundance hot tub. To keep the water clear, the CLEARARRAY filtration will do its great job to clean and freshen the water.

For the entertainment side, you will find lots of dazzling LED lights in the interior of the spa. Then, the colorful lighten waterfall will make your night spa time feel more exhilarating.

Product Specification

Dimensions 78 x 36 inches
Capacity 4 adults
Customer Review 4.2 out of 45 customers

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Tacoma (680 Series)

sundance hot-tubs-2

If you want a Sundance hot tubs which provide a more intimate space, this model can be the good option to buy. It’s a rectangular hot tub which can fit 2 to 3 adults. The spa looks more beautifully distinctive with its catchy shape.

Since the size is quite smaller from the previous model, Tacoma only has 12 jets but they are so enough to pamper your stiff muscle with their powerful massage. The same CLEARARRAY water management is also installed here to give you maximum comfort when you enjoy the spa.

As the model from 680 series, Tacoma is the Plug and Play kind of hot tub (similar to Denali) in which you can easily use the tub almost everywhere. You won’t need any extra wiring to use the spa anytime you want.

Product Specification

Dimensions 68 x 68 x 31 inches
Capacity 2 adults
Customer Review 4.8 out of 28 customers

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Prado (680 Series)

sundance hot tubs 3
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This one is the biggest model in 680 series, and also the most affordable Sundance hot tubs with up to 5-person seating capacity. It’s designed in rectangular shape just like most modern acrylic spa today. Again, there’s no lounger here which makes this hot tub can fit 5 adults comfortably with its fairly medium dimension.

Prado has 23 jets which are installed ergonomically around the tub to provide the pleasing sensation. Moreover, each set has different message features to suit each person’s need for relaxation. To heal the back pain, there is a unique pivot bench inside the tub to soothe you.

The CLEARARRAY water management and Plug and Play installation are two reliable features which make this Sundance hot tubs so tempting to buy. Also, it comes with LED lights and a colorful waterfall.

Product Specification

Dimensions 76 x 84 x 34 inches
Capacity 5 adults
Customer Review

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Each model of Sundance hot tubs that we have picked come in the different design with different seating capacity and various jet numbers that you can choose based your needs. They are offered at Entry-level class with $4,000 to $8,000 price range (which is the lowest range of all Sundance hot tubs).

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You just need to determine how big the spa that you need to fit the space of your outdoor space. If you want a spa for personal or intimate enjoyment, you can choose the small spa which is offered at a more affordable price.

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