3 Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews: [an Honest and Depth Review!]


The popularity of inflatable hot tubs never stops growing that perhaps make you feel tempted to have one. Many homeowners choose the inflatable hot tub over the acrylic one since it’s offered way more affordable and still comes with reliable hydrotherapy features. The thing is, you may find it hard to choose the best inflatable hot tub with the trusting quality. There are hundreds of inflatable hot tub products available in many marketplaces, and you have to choose the one that really suits your needs. So, this inflatable hot tub reviews can be your ultimate guide. Let’s dive in to it!

What You Will Get in this Article:

  • 3 inflatable hot tub reviews from the various popular brands.
  • Detail of each model to ease you to choose the one that you need.
  • Simple tips to find the best inflatable hot tub with great quality and features.

Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews

So, we have created this list of inflatable hot tub reviews which you can use as the considerations before deciding to purchase one particular product. Well, just stay tuned with us to find out our inflatable hot tub reviews!

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Bestway SaluSpa Miami Airjet Inflatable Hot Tub

inflatable hot tub reviews 1

It’s a round hot tub which the company stated can fit up to 4 adults. Yeap, the size of the tub may be able to handle 4 people at the same time, but it doesn’t really feel comfortable. It better works to use for two actually.

The construction of the tub feels so solid which doesn’t only make it so durable to withstand the outdoor condition but also very comfortable to use. You can install the tub in a matter of minutes with the pump which is included with the tub, very convenient.

The bubbles that tub produce feels so powerful which is enough to relax your body, especially with its 104 degrees maximum temperature. The heater is very reliable which doesn’t cool down even the outdoor temperature is getting cold.

For sure, the Bestway SaluSpa Miami Airjet Inflatable Hot Tub is not a disappointing model that you can definitely buy. It’s offered at $331 on Amazon.

Product Specification

Dimensions 26 x 71 x 71 inches
Capacity Up to 4 adults
Max. Temperature 104 F
Manufacturer Bestway
Customer Review 3.5 out of 482 customers

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Bestway SaluSPa Palm Spring AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

inflatable hot tub reviews 2

This one comes in a bigger size which is 6 inches wider than the previous one. The seating capacity of the tub is up to 6-person, but it’s more convenient if you just use it with two other two friends.

As most inflatable hot tubs, this model also depends on its combination of bubble massage and 104 degrees maximum temperature to relax your body. It’s fairly nice to become a practical relaxing spot in your outdoor space.

Furthermore, you will love how the tub feels so stable to use even when you invite some friends in. Then, the surface of its body is really soft which makes it so cozy to enjoy for hours.

So if you are looking for a big inflatable hot tub with a super cheap price tag, the Bestway SaluSPa Palm Spring AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub is so recommended to by. You just need to spend $397 to purchase it on Amazon. A cheap inflatable hot tub with large sized tub.

Product Specification

Dimensions 28 x 78 x 78 inches
Capacity Up to 6 adults
Max. Temperature 104 F
Manufacturer Bestway
Customer Review 3.7 out of 338 customers

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Intex Pure Spa Inflatable Portable Heated Bubble Hot Tub

inflatable hot tub reviews 3
image source

Another worth-to-buy inflatable hot tub which can occupy up to 6 people at the same time. But still, the tub is better to use for two or maximally 4 if you want to really lounge your feet.

At the first touch, we can tell this model is made of high-quality materials which make it feel so sturdy. It’s a durable hot which will surely work for years with easy maintenance.

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The manufacturer stated that the tub is equipped with 170 air jets (and 104 degrees maximum temperature) which are indeed enough to sooth your stiff muscle. In addition, the tub comes with some color changing LED light which makes it look so beautiful when you use it in the night.

Product Specification

Capacity Up to 6 adults
Max. Temperature 104 F
Manufacturer Intex
Customer Review 4 out of 164 customers

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To conclude, we suggest that you to go with the product from Intex if you are looking for the big spa and the Bestway Miami for the smaller one. They both have the great materials’ quality and reliable features that can suit your needs.


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