Decoration Lights for Home | Best Guide for Lighting Decoration

decoration lights for home

The illumination, like all interior designer know, is important for any interior design scheme. A good lighting is crucial to make the entire room looks engaging and make you, and your family, comfortable. A DIY lighting to modern LED lighting can be a great way to make your home a much better place for everyone. Then, you have to make sure every detail of your home will make you comfortable. So, make sure you have great decoration lights for home to ensure everything is perfect.

decoration lights for home

Charlie Simmons, a well-known interior designer, tells us that the easiest way to make a great architecture looks bad is by using bad lighting. Even if you use all high-quality furniture and decoration (which is super expensive) for your home, if you don’t highlight it properly it won’t looks any good.

Decoration Lights for Home Guide

decoration lights for home

Create a good lighting for your home decoration is like creating a good art. The main point is you should know what type of light which fits your interior design. Here are decoration lights for home guide. Check it out!

  • You can use an overall relaxed glow or bright light in the ceiling to highlight the room and all the furniture in your home.
  • To spotlight a specific spot like a desk, kitchen counter, or other cool great furniture in your home.
  • Use indirect lighting for wall fixtures to add a calm atmosphere in your home.
  • Use small accent lighting or LED for your fireplace and bookshelves.
decoration lights for home

When you decided the lighting effects for your lovely home you can go the details latter. You should design a lighting plan for every room and space in your home base on its function. For example, a chandelier is perfect to add a vintage and glamorous feeling to your home. It is great for living room, dining room or even in the bathroom. So, make sure everything is great based on its functions.

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Choosing the Right Decoration Lights for Home

If you want to add big impact instantly, you can replace switches with dimmers. Dimmers in the dining rooms, bathrooms, and family rooms will give you the ability to adjust the lighting to make the light more comfortable or depends on your mood. It can also create a dynamic interior looking into your home. It is the easiest and most effective way to improve your lighting.

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decoration lights for home

To add a ‘drama’ in a long hallway you can add flush-mounted ceiling light fixture on every few feet. And then, to add artistic style in a low ceiling room you can put a painting to increase the engaging feeling. And finally, don’t be afraid to add lighting layers to make sure the lighting will make your home looks a better place for you and your loved one.

A LED lighting is very flexible and can be used for illumination effect in your home. It is perfect for highlight a furniture; like under counter edges, cabinets, or kitchen islands. It also can be a great solution to highlight the staircase to make you easier and comfortable when stepping on it.

Pendant lights which hang on the breakfast room table and kitchen is a great way to make a statement. Then for a fancier light, you can puck lights in buffet and glass-front cabinet to create a dazzling showroom feeling.

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decoration lights for home
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Decoration lights for home are not something that you can’t take lightly. It is a crucial aspect of your home which needs your attention. You should identify the room’s function and create the lighting accordingly. You can play with your imagination to improve your home as you wish. There are a lot of illumination effect which can make your home look even better. Finally, don’t afraid to layer the lights to ensure you get the comforts while you spending your time in your lovely home.

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  1. Fairy lights seem to be the latest trend in home improvements lately. I absolutely love them, but my fear of burning or creating a short circuit reaction is stopping me from doing anything about it. Thanks for sharing though, these are lovely!


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