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There are so many ways to express yourself and the easiest way is show it by decorating your home with style. If you like a cool and funky style, you can create a cool funky home decor and make your home look awesome. The secret to having a cool and funky home is CREATIVITY! You should use your imagination while decorating it and make it the best home ever. Then, combine the furniture with unique ornaments to make it look even cooler and funkier. Our team has created the guide to create a cool and funky home decor. Check it out!

Cool and Funky Home Decor Ideas

Cool Funky Home Decor Ideas
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Make it Colorful Cool Funky Home Decor

Colorful cool funky home decor
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Color is the most important aspect to create a funky home decor. You can combine a lot of colors. Colorful furniture, ornament, flowers, carpets, etc. It is so crucial to bold the “funky element’ in your home. Then, you should have a 60:40 ratio of the bright and dark color. And then, make sure you don’t have a lot of blank space without any decoration. You can fill the bright blank space a dark ornament and fill the dark blank space with a bright ornament.

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Use Various Furniture Styles


If you want to add a bold statement to your home you should consider using various furniture. Like combining the retro styles with a modern style furniture. The pop decoration with ethnic decoration. Then, make sure it is colorful! If you want to create a funky themed home decoration you should play with colors a lot. In addition, you can add ornament and painting to fill the blank space to strengthen the funky-looking theme.

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Use Funky Decoration

Colorful cool funky home decor

If you want to add a cool funky home decor you should play with your imagination. Think your home as a white blank space and you want it to look funky. However, there is a shortcut to create a funky home instantly; you can use a funky decoration! What I mean by funky decoration is decoration which looks cool and can fill the space effectively. You can use a funky painting or printing in your home or put unique in your kitchen to make it looks different.

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Don’t Make it Over Complicated

cool funky home decor
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This is the main thing you should avoid to create a funky home decor. Even though you should fill the space with a cool and funky decoration, make sure it is not overly complicated and lose its function and comforts. For the bedroom, you can’t make it too complicated because it is your the place where you want to refill your energy. You should make it more simple but still, has strong ‘cool and funky’ atmosphere in it.

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You can have a cool and funky home if you know how to decorate it. The key is use lot of colors to produce a strong accent. Then, by combining the right furniture you can create a cool and funky home which looks unique attractive. Furthermore, you should concern about the details because it can be the main factor which differentiates your amazing home from other homes.

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