Blue Home Decor [Navy and Royal Blue Awesome Decoration Guide]


Blue is a strong color which can make your home looks fresh all the time. You can easily make your home looks engaging and attractive if you have solid themed blue home decor. Then, by combining with a softer color, your home will be the best place ever. If you planned to design a blue home decor, our team has created a simple (but effective) guide for your references. Check it out!

Blue Home Decorating Ideas

40 Blue Home Decorating Ideas
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Wall Mural Blue Home Decor (Navy Blue-Gray)

blue home decor

Mes Cashas has designed an amazing combination of blue wall mural with a traditional gray furniture which can create a relaxing feeling in the dining room. Then, the simplicity of this design can create a warm atmosphere when you spend your dinner with your loved one. The secret to designing this lovely dining room is; to choose a simple furniture to create a relaxing and easy feeling in the dining room. All in all, this is a great design which you can apply to your home easily.

Spa Bathroom Royal Blue Home Decor (Royal Blue-Gray)

Royal Blue Home Decor

Designed by Patty Malone. this gorgeous bathroom can make your home looks amazing and have a strong relaxing accent. What I love the most about is the unique combination of laminate tub and area rug which create a spa-like bathroom. This is surely a gorgeous bathroom which can have a strong relaxing atmosphere and you can apply it in your home.

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Kids’ Room Glamour

Navy Blue Home Decor

If you want to decorate your kid’s room then this royal blue home decor can be a great inspiration. To design it you can combine a soft colored furniture like white and pink with the blue theme. It is a much better combination than the traditional kid’s room which combines purple with orange. The secret is; find the right furniture which can increase the easy feeling to the room.

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Playful Kids’ Room

Royal Blue Home Decor

If you want to mix casual and relaxing kid’s room surely this one can be your reference. Design by TerraCotta Properties, they have successfully added a strong and engaging atmosphere in this kid’s room. Then, make sure you don’t miss the details; like carpets, bookshelves, etc, and decorate it with a vase. In short, it is not hard to create an engaging room for your kids. With a little bit of imagination, you can have a nice¬†room for your kids.

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Cool and Modern

Blue home decor

If you have a plain living room and want to change it into a special place for everyone, you can easily achieve it. Combine retro style furniture with a light blue wall to create a cheerful feeling in the living room. Make sure you add decorative items like; vase, ceramics ornament, painting, etc to make it look more attractive.

Adaptable Sofa

blue home decor
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If you don’t want to change the overall theme in the blue-themed room, you can use blue furniture to creating relaxing feeling in the room instead. The key point is to make sure the blue-colored furniture have a strong accent which can make it different than another furniture. Then, you can choose a soft color like white, grey, etc to ensure the blue furniture looks different.

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Blue is absolutely a nice and strong color which can make your home look fresh and calm. By combining it with the right furniture and other decoration elements, you can create your dreamed home design easily. What’s your opinion about blue home decor? Give me your thoughts in the comment section below.

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