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1980s home decor

1980s home decor is the last decade when people use originality and true creativity to decorate their home. However, some expert hate the 1989’s decorating style. The 1980’s trends use geometric color craze, fussy prints, and pastel which is an important part of interior design history. In 2018 we can still see a lot of 1980 legacy which shaped the modern home interior design.

For your references and home decor ideas we’ll take you back to 80s to see the trend and how we can apply it in 2018. So, check it out!

Pastel 1980s Home Decor

1980s home decor

There is a lot of things which influence the 1980s home decor trend. The 1980s is when the introduction of personal computer, the Delorean, and music CD. And also popular pop music stars Michael Jackson and Madonna also have a massive impact on the home decor styles. Some successful movies like “Top gun” and “Back to the Future” also contribute to shaping 1980s home decor trend. They have set the trend in the 80s and people loves it.

 In the 1980s there are very diverse home decor designs. A feminine design in the last 80s, and more conservative design at the beginning of the 80s. We have prepared some popular home decor for your 80s home decor project inspiration.

Modern Design

1980s home decor

The most popular home design in the 1980s is a “modern style” home decor. The characteristics of modern 1980s are; lacquered black or white furniture for the bedroom and living room, foiled wallpapers, which influenced by art deco style. A lot of mirrors and glass used for the interior design and also geometric fabrics.

Florals 1980s Home Decor

1980s home decor

The prints designed by Laura Ashley is standard of 1980 Floral theme in the 80s. Almost all the part of the home dominate with floral design, like flowers, trees, and leaves design. Actually, Ashley started the design in the 50s but it is getting popular in the 80s after she opens her fir store in 1974 and her book published in 1983. Her traditional home decor style becomes popular and many designers use it as their references.

Shabby Chic 1980s Home Decor


For people with a tight budget, they use shabby chic instead of the Laura Ashley style. It is started by Rachel Ashwell in the early 80s when she arrives in the US. The characteristics are the usage of old chandeliers, white furniture, and fabrics which is very popular today.

Memphis Design

1980s home decor
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Ettore Sottsass an industrial designer of the Italian based fabrics, furniture, and ceramics company created an engaging home decor which popular called Memphis design. It is a mix of Art deco design, asymmetry bold graphics, and pop art which have a unique design. The good news, it is still up to date even in 2018. You can easily make your home a nostalgic and bring sweet memories with your loved one.

You can check Home Decor Trends 2018 and compare it to the 1980s home decor.

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1980s Home Decor
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The 1980s is the most important decade in interior design history. A lot of architecture nowadays inspired by the 80s. It is not hard to have a retro 1980s style home if you know what characteristic which needed. You can design which design that fits your style and taste and then applies it to your home. The key is finding the right furniture and color which have a strong 80s accent in it, and then you can combine it with vintage decoration.


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