40 Amazing Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas: The Complete Guide


A teenage girl needs a nice and pretty room which reflect their cute personality. It is important for them to have a gorgeous room where they spend most of their time. Use their favorite color in their own room as a great way for expressing themselves.  Furthermore, a teenage girl bedroom should have a strong girly atmosphere to make them happy and of course feel comfortable.

The problem is; it can be difficult to design a pretty room without the right references and a great inspiration. So, to help you out create a lovely room for the girls, our team has created comprehensive guides and tons of ideas for your references. Check it out!

40+ Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

40 Teenage Girl Bedroom
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Add Contrast on a White Teenage Girl Bedroom

Teenage Girl Bedroom - 1

A white bedroom is great for creating a calm sensation in girl’s bedroom. TYou can add contrast to create warmth and make it look more attractive. In this case, the interior designer adds darker color on bed and rug which make it looks more girly and less mature. To complete the design, you can add girly decorations to create an attractive appearance.

Colorful Teenage Girl Bedroom

Teenage Girl Bedroom - 2

Create a cheerful atmosphere in the girl’s room by using a colorful decoration. In this case, the navy blue wall paint blend nicely with colorful bed and elegant furniture. Make sure you don’t use too many colors and make it overly complicated.

Elegant Teenage Girl Bedroom

Teenage Girl Bedroom - 4

Once again an elegant white bedroom with strong girly accents. Thanks to the net pattern wall art, the overall design looks standout and engaging. What we love the most about it is the simple desk which looks so attractive in the corner. Ultimately, the overall minimalist concept makes this room look modern and feels more spacious.

Girly Teenage Bedroom

Teenage Girl Bedroom - 4

Girly doesn’t need to be childish. And this room is a perfect example to describe that statement. The light green wall mix nicely with the furniture and create amusing looks. Then, the exotic decoration light looks so amazing, add a bold statement to this room. In addition, you can fill the blank space with painting to complete the design.

Comfy Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

Teenage Girl Bedroom - 6

A teenager needs comfortable room to help them focus when studying or doing their homework. In this case, the designer has successfully created a comfortable room which has a strong calming atmosphere. The key to creating this lovely bedroom is choosing the right furniture which makes it looks more spacious. In addition, the designer places girly element through the wall art and make it a perfect room for your lovely girl.

Luxurious Teenage Bedroom Girl

Teenage Girl Bedroom - 6

If you want to create a fancy room for your lovely daughter, this adorable bedroom can be a great reference. The most important thing to creating this gorgeous bedroom is using a lot of mirrors to produce a luxurious feeling. The adorable chandelier adds a strong amusing feeling to the entire room. Then, the dark ceiling and fireplace create warmth and depth to the room. Finally, add a simple and attractive chair to complete the design.

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Pretty Room in a Limited Space

Teenage Girl Bedroom - 7

It can be a trouble for designing a small bedroom. You should choose the furniture wisely and make it not too complicated. It is a great idea to use a neutral color to create a charming atmosphere in a small bedroom. In this case, the designer uses custom bookshelves in the wall to minimize space usage. Finally, a calm rug adds a calming feeling in this lovely room.

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Cool Blue Teenage Girl Bedroom

Teenage Girl Bedroom - 8

It is a great idea to use blue as the main color for your teenager daughter. It will add a more mature element and produce a distinctive feeling in the entire room. In this room, the designer uses a vintage chandelier to makes this room stylish. In addition, you can place painting and decoration items for improving your lovely teenager’s bedroom.

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Unique Teenage Girl Bedroom

Teenage Girl Bedroom - 9

If you want to create an “awesome” room for your teenage girl, you must have at least one “awesome” element in her room. In this case, the designer uses a swing-bed and make this room looks awesome and unique. Then, an old bicycle used as decoration for spreading the warm feeling to the entire room. Finally, the decoration light makes this pretty room the best place for your lovely teenage girl.

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Elegant Teenage Girl Bedroom

Teenage Girl Bedroom - 10
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The last design is an elegant bedroom for your lovely teenage girl. What we love the most about it is the simplicity and elegance which make this room looks so attractive.

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It is not hard to design a great room for your lovely teenage bedroom if you do it the right way. Surely you can improve your teenage girl’s bedroom if you follow our guide and makes your teenage daughter the luckiest girl on earth.

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What do you think about teenage girl bedroom improvement? Give me your thought in the comment section below.


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