30+ Master Bedroom Ideas [Decorating Guides, Color Tips, and Tricks]


Do you get STUCK when decorating your master bedroom? Or do you want to find master bedroom design for your references? Do you want to know how the PROs decorate a master bedroom for their client? If the answers are “YES!” You are in the right place to find amazing master bedroom ideas. Stay with us!

What You’ll Get in this Article

  • 40 Master Bedroom Ideas. These amazing master bedroom decorating ideas from the experts will make your work a lot easier.
  • Actionable guide to decorating your master bedroom. Follow this simple guide to transform your bedroom into an amazing one.
  • Tons of master bedroom color ideas that fit your style.

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Awesome references and inspiration can make your master bedroom makeover better. You can use these 40+ Master bedroom decorating ideas for your references. Check it out!

Master Bedroom Ideas
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How the Pros Did it

In this section, you’ll find out how the experts decorating master bedroom. You can apply this guide to decorating your bedroom. Here we go!

Small Master Bedroom Ideas

Even a small bedroom can look gorgeous, relaxing, and comforts if you know how to improve it (the right way). In this lovely master bedroom, Laura Stein minimizing the floor area used to make this master bedroom look larger. She uses multifunctional furniture to ensure there is space available for the decoration items.

Brown and White Bedroom Master Bedroom Ideas

What a stylish palette which creates glamorous and masculine atmosphere. At the first glance, the first thing which comes to my mind is the amazing combination of brown and white elements. To complete the design George add a chandelier to add warmth in his room. Great job George!

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Small Master Bedroom Ideas Using Built-in Storage Furniture


It can be tricky to improve a small bedroom, especially choosing the right furniture. Here is the trick: Choose furniture with a built-in storage to save you a lot of space and keep you organized. In this case, Normandy Remodeling uses a custom bed with built-in storage when designing this lovely bedroom.

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Amazing Neutral Colored Master Bedroom Ideas


If you think a neutral color is boring, this amazing master bedroom design will prove you wrong. Patrick Jones (an architect and interior designer) has successfully turned this bedroom into a relaxing, calm and cozy room. The secret to designing this bedroom is the ornament pattern which creates an engaging feeling in this lovely bedroom.

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Master Bedroom Ideas Using Vintage Decoration


A gorgeous shabby chic bedroom design by Decor Gold Design that makes this bedroom looks so calm and inviting. The vintage vibe in this room adds warmth. Furthermore, the furniture looks stand out in the grey and white background. What a lovely master bedroom design.

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Green and White Master Bedroom Ideas


Master Bedroom Ideas 5

If you want a soothing and restorative retreat bedroom, this amazing bedroom can be a great reference for you. Viscusi Elson Interior Design put greenery to create a refreshing feeling in this bedroom. To create a luxurious feeling a big mirror placed alongside a cottage-style white furniture.


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Master Bedroom Remodeling Ideas

Master Bedroom Ideas 4

What an amazing remodeling! That’s what on my mind when I know that this tiny (but lovely) home was a library before. Thanks to “The Work’s” design, this room looks larger by using custom multifunctional furniture. One word: Awesome!

The Guides, Tips, and Tricks


Just like its name, “master bedroom” is an important part of your home. It is your sanctuary where you refill your energy to face your day. Follow this tips and guides from the PROs to design a gorgeous master bedroom.

  • Back to the Basic

This statement will remind you what is the main function of a master bedroom is; “makes you have a great sleep at night”. The other aspects, like decorating, furniture, etc; are elements to make you have a great sleep. If your bed doesn’t feel good, it is time to find a new one that can make you feel comforts. After you found a great bed, pillows and blanket will complete your basic master bedroom needs. 

  • Find the Best Furniture for your Master Bedroom

After you got all the basic, it is time to add furniture. The first step to decorate your bedroom is found furniture that fits your master bedroom design. Take your time while choosing the right furniture, because it is something that you can use for a long time.

Tips: Find furniture with built-in storage to keep your bedroom organized.

  • Decorate it
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The final step to design your dream master bedroom is; decorate it your own way. What I mean by your own way is, make it as comforts as possible. Make it the coziest place at home. Make it the best place at home. If you want a charming master bedroom you use white as your main color. If you want to add a warmth, you can add a wooden element to your bedroom.

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Now you have amazing master bedroom ideas for your references. Moreover, you know how exactly the experts decorate a master bedroom. Now, it is time for you to apply it and decorate your lovely master bedroom.

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