How to Pick a Rug for Bedroom (The Complete Tips , Guides, and Ideas)

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Do you want to know how to pick a rug for bedroom properly? Or, a lot of product which looks similar confuse you? Or do you need ideas and get inspired by amazing rug design? If your answer is “YES!” This article will answer all those questions. Stay tuned!

How to Pick a Rug for Bedroom (35+ Amazing Bedroom Rug Ideas)

It is time for brainstorming section. In this section, you’ll get tons of ideas from the famous designer as your references. Check it out!

36 Bedroom Rug Ideas
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The Guide: How to Pick a Rug for Bedroom

Determine the Location of the Rug | How to Pick an Area Rug

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The first thing that you have to do in answering your question of ‘How to Pick a Rug for Bedroom?’ is about where you are going to put it. Commonly, the rug is placed under and around the bed, you have to measure not only those areas but also the spots around it.

Another option, you can also place the rug on one or both sides of the bed. For a large bedroom, the homeowners also usually put some rugs to separate the sitting area from the bed.

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Choose the right Rug Size | How to Pick an Area Rug

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Now it’s time to look for some rugs which are available in some marketplaces, and the size should be the initial consideration. After you have determined where to put your rug, you will know the ones that you have to purchase.

For instance, if you want to cover the entire area under the bed with the nightstand and the bench, you can use the 9×12 area rug for the queen and king size bed, and 6×9 for the twin or full-size one.

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Pick the Look of the Rug

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The next thing to do on how to pick a rug for the bedroom is the fun part, which is choosing the style of the rug. Yeap, it’s all about how the rug can enhance the beauty of your bedroom decor or not which relates to the rug’s design.

For a bedroom with lots of decorative stuff, you can go with a plain soft rug, and purchase the festive one if you have a neutral calming room. The simple key is you have to create a nice harmonious nuance for your bedroom decor.

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In addition, it’s so considerable to purchase the rug before other accessories or decor items. It’s because the rug holds such a huge role in styling up your bedroom decor.

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Select the Right Material | How to Pick a Rug for Bedroom

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Not only the design or pattern of the rug but its material also determines how it will influence the overall look of your bedroom. There are lots of material choices that may or may not give the good effect for your bedroom.

Faux fur, wool, silk, and polypropylene are some common materials which are used to make the bedroom rug. Of course, it depends on your personal needs and taste to go with one particular material.

Keep in mind that each kind of material also has its own plus and minus point regarding the durability and reliability. Therefore, you also have to know how the environment around your home will influence the rug’s performance overtimes.

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Adds a Rug Backing

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The rug backing or pad is an additional stuff yet the important to make the rug feels more comfortable to use. It holds the rug to stay in place, which doesn’t only keep it look good but also prevent the unwanted accidents.

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Now you have the knowledge to pick the right rug for the bedroom. Make sure you apply all the tips to transform your bedroom into a gorgeous bedroom.

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