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After a great response from my audience about fixer upper living rooms, I decided to create fixer upper bedrooms guide for your ultimate reference. Make sure you follow this guide step-by-step for the best result.

You can easily get casual and rustic Fixer Upper Bedrooms if you have a great reference for your bedroom improvement. Here are the complete guides to transform a boring bedroom into an amazing nest. Let’s check it out!

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You Can’t Go Wrong With Greiges and Grays

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Joana Gaines loves white, blue, gray, and greiges in most of her designs. But, if you afraid to mess things up, it is a great idea to use greiges, grays, or combination of grays and greiges. These colors can add strong fixer upper element in your bedroom. Furthermore, you can pair these colors with other colors with similar shared like white, beige or wood-toned. These are the perfect colors you can use for your fixer upper bedroom design.

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Add Natural Elements in Your Bedroom

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It is important to add natural elements to your bedrooms to pull it out together. You can add a natural jute rug, a wooden headboard or even a fiddle leaf in your bedroom. This natural elements are important to complete the design and provide attractive finishing touch. In this case, you can see that the designer use metal lamps and reclaimed wood for the natural elements. Finally, to make it looks not too dark, the designer adds printed bed-linens and blue seersucker.

The greenery on the dresser, the jute rug and the wood tones in the chairs make the overall design looks cohesive and attractive.

Make this amazing design bedroom as your reference, and change your bedroom to the famous Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper Bedrooms.

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Texture Is Crucial for Designing Fixer Upper Bedrooms

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Variety textures are crucial in every room, especially in your bedroom. A great bedroom needs to be inviting and warm. Joanna Gaines loves to use color and texture which shows in her drapery, accent chairs, and bed linens. In this design, she uses a heavily textured sham and duvet with a scalloped headboard.

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Make The Color Pop Out

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If you have stuck to use a neutral palette in your home design, it is a great idea to add bright color to make it stand out in your bedroom. Don’t worry about its cohesive, since your bedroom usually closed and won’t affect the neutral palette outside the bedroom. In this design, Joana successfully transforms a neutral space into a charming bedroom with a solid red accent.

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Add Warm Wood Accents

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In this room, Joana has successfully changed this neutral bedroom into a spacious bedroom with a bright and open atmosphere. The wood accent in headboard and bench produce warmth in the room, make it look so attractive. Finally, to complete the fixer upper design, she put the barn door and make this lovely room a perfect spot to refill your energy.

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Add Vintage Element

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If your overall room uses white color, it is a great idea to add vintage element. In this case, Joana uses a classic ceiling fan to add warmth in this chilling white bedroom. You can add another vintage furniture on a bright-white room to create contrast.

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There are so many ways to design a fixer upper bedrooms. You don’t need to renovate your the entire bedroom if you have great references you just need to remodel it. Then, adding the right furniture and use the right colors your bedroom to complete your fixer upper bedrooms.

Do not hesitate to ask me if you have any trouble to design a fixer upper bedroom. Give me your thoughts on the comment section below.

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