Bedroom Decorating Ideas: [The Complete Guides, Tips, and Tricks]


Do you want to make your bedroom looks cozy? Do you need inspirations for decorating your bedroom? Or, do you feel desperate when you see your bedroom in a complete mess? This articles can help you solve those problems. STAY with us.

What You’ll get in this Article:

  • 40+ bedroom decorating Ideas from the expert. You can use these awesome design as your references when decorating your bedroom.
  • You’ll FIND OUT how the PROS decorating a bedroom.
  • You’ll get tips and tricks for decorating your bedroom. This actionable guide will HELP YOU out decorate your bedroom.


Brainstorming Area: [40+ Bedroom Decorating Ideas]

Before we jump to the guide you need great references and get you inspired by amazing designs from the pros.

40+ Bedroom Decoratiing Ideas
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The Guides, Tips, and Tricks

After you get amazing Inspirations from the expert, now you’ll find out how they did it. You can apply these tips and transform your bedroom into a cozy and comfy bedroom.

Symmetrical Space


The designer of this awesome cottage has successfully transformed a boring room into a cozy symmetrical room. The key for decorating this room is the simple furnishing in both bed’s sides (bed is the main focal point in this room) to create a symmetrical effect.  Then, the neutral colors create an inviting feeling, makes this gorgeous bedroom looks so cozy.

White Calming Room


“The owner of this home, request a calm and restful room for the master bedroom,” said Edward an interior designer from Texas. To grant the owner request he chooses white as the main color of this room. Then, he filled the empty spot with strong country accents decoration to create a calming atmosphere.  Well done Edward!

Charming Bedroom

bedroom decorating ideas 3

You can refresh and redesign an awesome bedroom by using a lively mix of patterns and hues. This playful decoration ideas by Kathryn makes the entire looks so charming and inviting. Then, the vintage whitewashed bed give this lovely room a “soul” and makes the feminine prints looks not too prim.

White and Blue Bedroom Decorating Ideas

bedroom decorating ideas 4

The unique furnishing pattern adds a cool dimension to this bright bedroom. And thanks to the consistent pallet, the mix of pattern in this bedroom doesn’t make this room looks too complicated.

Lovely Bedroom Decoration Ideas

bedroom decorating ideas 5

The cloudy gray pine-clad ceiling looks so charming on Holly William’s bedroom (a singer and songwriter). The iron canopy hardware becomes the main attention of this room which blends nicely with the entire decoration. Then, she places a rustic leather chair and a simple pine chest to strengthen the feminine atmosphere in her room. Gorgeous!

Blue Country Bedroom

bedroom decorating ideas 6

This wash blue color bedroom designed by Georgia (Interior Designer from Ohia) looks so inviting at the first time I enter this lovely bedroom. As the jumping point, she adds a large print in the headboard which blends nicely with the overall decoration.

Country Bedroom Decoration Ideas

bedroom decorating ideas 6

What a lovely country home with bold traditional accents. To make this room feels so charming Brian (my fellow interior designer from Texas) only use one color scheme. Then, to complete the design, he adds large and small print and makes this bedroom a perfect restful bedroom.

Large Bedroom Decorating Ideas, Guides, and Tips

There is nothing to complain about a large bedroom, but it can be challenging to decorate it (properly). And the challenge is; how to fill the space without creating a visual clutter. The key to decorating a large bedroom is creating zones which tie visually. Here are the simple guides to decorating your large bedroom.

  • Warm Your Bedroom Up!

It can be tricky to decorate an extra-large bedroom and make feels so homey. In this case, Kasler uses a neutral palette to make the entire bedroom looks warmer. Then, the casual bedding creates a relaxing vibe which makes the entire bedroom looks more attractive.

bedroom decorating ideas 7
  • Go big

If you have a large bedroom, the easiest way to decorating it is by scale up everything to suit the room size. Use bigger furniture, bigger chandelier, and so on. You can easily fill the space, and make your large bedroom looks more engaging.

bedroom decorating ideas 8
  • Keep Consistent

The owner said she inspired by a vintage print when she designs her room. What we love about it is the consistency of the colors she adds to her design. It is essentially just two color: white and periwinkle-blue. The color consistency allows her to choose lots of furniture styles and while keep her room cohesive. Simply brilliant.

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Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas, Guides, and Tips

Not everybody has a large and fancy bedroom. If you have a small bedroom, here are some tips and guides which you can apply to transform a small bedroom into a cozy room. Let’s dive in!

  • Create Focal Point

Every room needs an eye-catching spot which looks stand out than another element. For a small bedroom, it is a great idea to use the bed as the focal point to save the space. Then, for organizing the small spaces, it is great ideas to place your bed in front of the window to focus the attention on the bed.

bedroom decorating ideas 9

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  • Take the Bold Approach

There are two effective ways (that works) for organizing a small bedroom. You can boost the daylight with windows and make it looks bright. Or you can make it cozy and dark with chocolate browns or saturated berry reds. You should take a strong approach to decorating a small bedroom.

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