10 Beautifully Inspiring Rustic Bathroom Vanities To Have

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It’s totally safe to say that you can’t have a proper bathroom without any vanities around. For sure, nowadays most homeowners have considered the vanity as one of the must-have pieces of furniture for a bathroom decor. The bathroom vanity can work well to provide the storage and beautify the room at the same time. Therefore, it’s so recommended for you to add rustic bathroom vanities to your shopping list right now. Check it out!

What You’ll Get on this Article

  • 15 rustic bathroom vanities with adequate storage space and stunning designs.
  • Simple guides from the home improvement expert about choosing the right vanity.
  • Brief tips about using the bathroom vanity effectively and efficiently.

15 Rustic Bathroom Vanities Inspirations

Find lots of amazing rustic bathroom vanities which will totally style up your decoration in this section!

Rustic Vanity For Bathroom

Farmhouse Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Rustic Bathroom Vanities 1

As one of the farmhouse-inspired decorations, the rustic touch always work fell for the furniture in such style. This bathroom vanity comes in a gorgeous deep rustic finish in an open-shelf design. The rattan baskets are the main factor which gives the vanity a nice farmhouse touch.

Grey and Brown Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Rustic Bathroom Vanities 2

This is one of the rustic bathroom vanities with the unique design that you will love. It comes with the bold wood countertop and grey-washed cabinet which looks stylishly contrasting each other. Then, the white vessel and chrome faucet give the vanity another style which makes it look more modern.

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Deep Brown Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Rustic Bathroom Vanities 3

The gorgeous rustic bathroom vanity in a deep brown finish with the washed accent to give a bold statement to your bathroom decor. It has the antique hardware and faucet which makes it look so vintage. For sure, you can include them it to the simple rustic bathroom vanities inspiration list.

Sleek Rustic Bathroom Vanities

Rustic Bathroom Vanities 4

The combination of the rustic cabinet door and modern hardware of this bathroom vanity create such a stylish sleek look. Those pulls give a modern touch to the vanity’s overall design which also makes it look brighter. It’s a good inspiration for the modern and natural rustic bathroom vanities.

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Corner Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Rustic Bathroom Vanities 5

For you who have a narrow bathroom, a corner vanity works better to provide the storage of your bathroom without taking lots of space. Here, the triangle vanity in the bold finish with distressed accent looks so stunning with its all-brown style. It’s a good reference for rustic bathroom vanities for a small bathroom

Long Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Rustic Bathroom Vanities 6

Contrary to the preceding one, this kind of vanity is the one which fits well for the wide bathroom. It comes with the double sinks and makeup area which will give you an ultimate comfort to get yourself ready. The light wood finish and solid white countertop of this vanity make it one of the best inspirations for rustic bathroom vanities.

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Log Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Rustic Bathroom Vanities 7

Another great idea that you can add unique rustic bathroom vanities option, and it’s designed in a log style. The design looks so dramatic which will add such a distinctive touch to your bathroom decor.

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Open Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Rustic Bathroom Vanities 8

The bathroom vanity with an open shelf style which doesn’t only work well to store your toiletries but to display some decor items as well. It’s al constructed off wood with the unfinished look. Then, the upper-mount white sink vessel completes the vanity attractively.

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Vintage Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Rustic Bathroom Vanities 9

Combining the rustic and vintage style in one vanity design is surely a great idea for you who love the superbly classic furniture. Here, the vintage sink is matched with the rustic cabinet which makes it look so chic.

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Barrel Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Rustic Bathroom Vanities 10
image source

This one is a unique bathroom vanity which is made of the wine barrel to distinctively style up your bathroom layout. It’s matched with the under-mount rustic sink vessel and brass faucet beautifully.

In addition, you can include this idea in your DIY rustic bathroom vanities inspiration.


Choosing the rustic bathroom vanities to decorate your bathroom is never a bad idea. However, you have to carefully pick other decor items which can complement it properly. You can go with natural or nautical stuff that will match well with the rustic bathroom vanities.


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