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Joanna Gaines Bathroom Renovations Ideas

Everybody love Fixer Upper design! Do you want to get Joanna Gaines Bathroom Renovations ideas? Or do you wonder how she designs a bathroom? Or perhaps, you need inspiration for your bathroom renovation project. Congrats! You are in the right place to get guides, ideas, and tips for Fixer Upper Bathroom Remodels. Stay tuned!

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Fixer Upper Bathrooms Remodels Ideas

It is brainstorming time! Get inspired by amazing bathroom design by Joanna Gaines for your references and inspiration.

37 Joanna Gaines Bathroom Renovation Ideas
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Joanna Gaines Bathroom Renovations 101

The Joanna Gaines Bathroom Renovations has inspired so many homeowners to make their room look and feel as inviting as possible. Her Fixer Upper series shows the simple and easy way to remodel a bathroom which is totally worth to try.

Here, we share you how she made a small narrow bathroom becomes so joyful to us and mesmerizing to see. Let’s just keep scrolling to check out our summary of Joanna Gaines Bathroom Renovations.

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Color Choices

small bathroom

The first thing that she did to beautify a small bathroom is by choosing the lighter and more neutral color. In this Joanna Gaines Bathroom Renovations, grey and white are chosen. They colorize the wall and flooring to create a brighter space.

However, she chose to make decorative flooring and wall shower to make the room looks more festive. Both of them are still combined with grey to keep the room feel airy.

In addition, the white shower curtain is installed. It’s a textured one which gives such a particular statement to the bathroom’s overall look.

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Extra Lighting

Joanna Gaines Bathroom Renovations 2

One of the essential keys to make a small bathroom look and feel wider is by providing the huge amount of lighting around. The brighter the room is, the more comfortable and admirable it will be.

Installing the sconces above the vanity mirror can create a nice wider impression and also give you a more convenient spot to make yourself up. Then, the catchy chandelier is very considerable to install since it will bring the style of the room to a whole new level and provide tons of light to the room.

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Hang a Big Mirror

Joanna Gaines Bathroom Renovations 3

The next big thing which gives the huge influence in styling up a narrow bathroom is the mirror. In this Joanna Gaines Bathroom Renovations, a big mirror is hung right above the vanity. It is finished in white to keep them clean and fresh atmosphere.

However, you can see that the mirror also has the vintage texture and detail (or called shabby chic) to make it look more attractive to decorate the bathroom.

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Top Mount Sink

Joanna Gaines Bathroom Renovations 4

Maximizing the statement is always considered to do since you cannot do much in decorating a small bathroom. You can try the trick of this Joanna Gaines Bathroom Renovations which chose the top mount sink instead of the under-mount one.

It makes the sink look bigger and give the statement to the vanity’s overall look.

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Maximize the Storage

Joanna Gaines Bathroom Renovations 5

Yeap, creating a neat bathroom is a must. You will be able to do that by having the proper storage around your bathroom. If the vanity is not enough to give you an adequate space to store your toiletries, the hanging shelf is the recommended one to be an additional storage.

It gives you the extra spot to put your bathroom needs without taking lots of space around the room.

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Great! Now you have all you need to design a bathrom like Joanna. Makes sure you apply the guides to transform your bathrom into a coziest bathroom ever made.

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