37 Blue Bathroom Vanity Ideas: (Actionable Bathroom Improvement Tips)

Blue Bathroom Vanity Featured

So you want to make your bathroom look prettier by adding a blue bathroom vanity. Do you need great references from the expert before purchase a bathroom vanity? Or do you want to improve your bathroom by put a pretty navy blue bathroom vanity? Great! You are in the right place to find the best solution to those problems. Our team has created comprehensive guides and gather tons of amazing ideas just for you our beloved reader. Check it out!

What You’ll Get in This Article

  • Tons of blue bathroom vanity ideas for brainstorming ideas.
  • Actionable guide for choosing the right vanity for your bathroom.
  • Simple tips that you can apply right away to improve and decorate your bathroom.

37 Blue Bathroom Vanity Ideas

In this section, you’ll get tons of amazing blue bathroom vanity to provide you the big picture of bathroom vanity design by the expert. Check it out!

Blue Bathroom Vanity Ideas
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Blue Bathroom Vanity (The Guides, Tips, and Tricks)

Sleek Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity

navy blue bathroom vanity 1

The combination of clean-lined white countertop and classic navy blue cabinet of this vanity looks so mesmerizing. Then, the chrome faucet and tissue holder complete the look perfectly.

Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity with Gold Hardware

Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity 2

Gold is one of the best colors to combine with navy blue, and this vanity shows how to do it well. The classic drawer type with golden pull is combined with the dazzling white marble countertop and golden faucets stunningly.

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Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity with Open Shelf

Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity 3

Adding an open shelf to your vanity is always a great idea to provide a more convenient storage. Here, the two navy blue drawers are installed with a gap which works as an open shelf.

You can see the wooden box which doesn’t only work as the storage but also gives another touch to the vanity’s overall look. It will match well with a farmhouse bathroom.

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Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity with Tower Storage

Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity 4

The counter tower storage is always a nice addition to a vanity to provide extra space for your vanity. This one is a navy blue vanity with the matching counter storage which looks so tempting to have.

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Decorative Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity

Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity 5

The country-style navy blue bathroom vanity which looks more festive with its decorative drawer. Furthermore, the textured white marble countertop complements the overall look of the vanity very well.

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Contemporary Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity

Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity 6

This is one of a kind navy blue vanity which can be the best option to try. It’s designed in a contemporary style with the touch of gold to make it look way more attractive.

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Woody Blue Bathroom Vanity

Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity 7

If you are looking for a navy blue vanity with an earthier look, then this idea can be a great reference to try. It comes with a wooden countertop in a natural finish which surprisingly blends well with the matte navy cabinet.

Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity with Louver Door

Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity 8

A decoratively beautiful navy blue vanity with the louver cabinet door which will add another style to your bathroom decor. It’s matched with the wooden countertop to make it look more vintage.

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Classic Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity

Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity 9

The classic design of this wall mount navy vanity looks so stylish to complete your bathroom furniture. Its round chrome pulls and faucets give a brighter touch which makes it look so beautiful.

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Bright Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity

Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity 10
image source

Choosing the brighter shade of navy is a good option when you want to have a more airy atmosphere for your bathroom layout. You can combine it with a decorative marble countertop and chrome pulls to create a nice catchy look.

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A blue bathroom vanity can be the best solution to improve your bathroom instantly. To make it even better make sure to put simple decoration and create a natural feeling in your bathroom. Then, if you have a lot of stuff in your bathroom, make sure the vanity’s storage is big enough to store all of it. Finally, it’s all set! You can choose the right bathroom vanity with the right mindset and inspiration.


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