30+ Surprisingly Creative Rustic Bathroom Wall Cabinets Ideas

bathroom wall cabinets

There are so many ways to improving and decorating your bathroom. One of the most effective is by making it looks and functionally better. And bathroom wall cabinets can make your bathroom looks prettier and you’ll have more space for your stuff. The great news is you can make it by yourself to improve your bathroom significantly. Stay tuned for ideas and DIY guides.

What You’ll Get on this Article

  • 30+ Bathroom wall cabinets design ideas from the experts.
  • Actionable guides from various sources for your DIY project.
  • Simple bathroom decoration and improvement tips that you can apply to make your bathroom (much) better.

30+ Bathroom Wall Cabinet Ideas

In this section, you can grab amazing ideas from top brands and professional interior designer. Check it out!

30+ Bathroom Wall Cabinets Ideas
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Bathroom Wall Cabinets

Huge Rustic Bathroom Wall Cabinets Ideas

rustic bathroom wall cabinets ideas 1

This one is a good inspiration for you who want to add a primary storage in your bathroom. With its huge design, you can store lots of bathroom stuff conveniently, and its different shelf height allows you to put various sizes of toiletries.

Furthermore, the storage will not take much space in your bathroom due to its slim style and mounted installation type. (Click here for the full tutorial)

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Vintage Bathroom Wall Cabinets Ideas

Bathroom Wall Cabinets

The beautifully vintage hanging cabinet which is made of the window and some wood boards which work well to decorate an old-fashioned bathroom decor. It doesn’t only work well to handle your bathroom goods, but you can also display some decor items.

Its white distressed finish will fit your shabby chic taste very well. (Click here for the full tutorial)

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Farmhouse Bathroom Wall Cabinets Ideas

rustic bathroom wall cabinet ideas 3

Do you have a farmhouse bathroom decor? Well, this rustic cabinet can be the best options to complete your very own bathroom. It has a sliding door which makes it also perfect for a tiny bathroom.

The black metal accent on its door makes it way more attractive to style up your bathroom layout. (Click here for the full tutorial)

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Window Rustic Bathroom Wall Cabinets Ideas

rustic bathroom wall cabinet ideas 4

Another tempting idea of rustic wall cabinet which uses the window as its main material that you can include on your inspiration list. Here, the traditional handle completes the design which also makes it look so vintage.

With the white finish, this kind of wall cabinet can fit in any bathroom decors easily.

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Wire Basket Rustic Bathroom Wall Cabinets Ideas

rustic bathroom wall cabinet ideas 5

A more distinctive cabinet design that will add a catchy unique touch to your bathroom layout. The materials that you will need to prepare are some rustic wire baskets and wood board.

Moreover, its design makes it work well to complete a farmhouse or industrial bathroom decor. (Click here for the full tutorial)

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Pallet Bathroom Wall storage Cabinets Ideas

rustic bathroom wall cabinet ideas 6

We all know that the shipping wood pallet is always the easy material to cope with so many DIY projects. This is the hanging cabinet with the pallet as its only material that you can make easily and cheaply at home.

You just need to design it as beautiful and convenient as possible to be the additional storage in your bathroom. (Click here for the full tutorial)

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Stylish Rustic Bathroom Wall Cabinets Ideas

rustic bathroom wall cabinet ideas 7
image source

The chic wooden hanging cabinet which will be a good spot to show off your beloved decor items. It has a gorgeous combination of colorful and rustic look which will never fail to style up your bathroom decor.

You can make as many boxes as you want and arrange them stylishly. (Click here for the full tutorial)

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A bathroom wall cabinet is a great solution to make your bathroom looks more spacious. It doesn’t need floor area which is perfect for a small bathroom. Moreover, it is a great way to fill the blank area on the wall. Surely, it can improve your bathroom greatly!

Great! Now you can create your own bathroom wall cabinets on your own. Make sure you follow the guides and apply the tips. If you have any question about bathroom wall cabinets don’t hesitate to drop me a question in the comment section below.

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