12 Gorgeous Bathroom Vanity Tops: the Trends of 2018

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A bathroom vanity has become the must-have furniture that you should provide inside a bathroom. It’s a great addition that works well as the main storage in your bathroom, so you can store your toiletries safely and neatly. Moreover, as one of the focal points of a bathroom, a vanity should also look as beautiful as possible. That is why there are so many various bathroom vanity tops available in the market with the gorgeous combination of countertop and base that will amaze you.

What You Will get in This Article:

  • The latest bathroom vanity tops options from the professional home experts.
  • A simple guide to beautifully mix and match the vanity countertop and its base.
  • Easy tips to choose the best bathroom vanity tops for your very own bathroom.

Bathroom Vanity Tops

Here, we share you the bathroom vanity tops trends for the reference when you are about to add a new countertop. They will make your bathroom look so up-to-date, so just stay tuned here to find what we have prepared for you!

Concrete Bathroom Vanity Tops

Bathroom Vanity Tops 1

This year, concrete is considered as one of the most popular materials which is used to give a rustic accent to a room’s layout. Therefore, choosing such material for your bathroom vanity tops is surely a good idea to try.

You can combine it with the naturally-finished wood cabinet to create a superb rustic nuance.

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Brown Tile Bathroom Vanity Tops

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Tile has become the favorite material for bathroom vanity tops since a long time ago, and choosing the one with the brown finish is a considerable idea. Why? Because it can be a good match for a wood cabinet in earthy finish.

By choosing the brown tile countertops for your vanity, you will get a nice harmonious nuance to enhance the beauty of your bathroom.

Solid Black Bathroom Vanity Tops

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Since the monochrome bathroom decor has taken over the home improvement magazine, the black granite countertop also becomes the great choice to pick. It gives such an elegant statement to the overall look of the bathroom.

In addition, the solid black countertop also works well for the colorful bathroom layout since it’s easy to blend with other colors.

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Glossy Wood Bathroom Vanity Tops

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The wood countertop never loses its popularity since ages ago, but this year the glossy one is the best choice. With multiple gloss polyurethane coating, a wood countertop becomes way more luxurious than the rustic one.

This kind of counter countertop will match well both for modern or classic bathroom layout.

White Marble Bathroom Vanity Tops

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Due to the increasing popularity of an all-white layout, the white marble countertop becomes the trend to complete its look. The reason is (obviously) because the white marble completes an all-white decor perfectly.

It gives a more decorative look while still keeps an all-white bathroom looks as dazzling as possible.

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Sleek White Bathroom Vanity Tops

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Of course, the clean-lined sleek solid white marble countertop which is made of porcelain is always everyone’s favorite. This year, the plain white countertop mostly completes a rustic cabinet which works to give it a modern style to create a more contemporary look.

Glass Bathroom Vanity Tops


For you who are looking for a modern bathroom vanity tops which become the trend this year, the glass one can the best option. For sure, the glass countertop will give a stunning modern touch to your bathroom decor.

To get a more futuristic look, you can choose the glass upper-mount sink and chrome faucets to complete a glass countertop.

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Lava Bathroom Vanity Tops

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Yes, this kind of vanity counter is made of lava stone which is one of the most expensive materials for bathroom vanity tops. Mainly, the durability of the lava countertop becomes the factor which makes it become so exclusive.

Furthermore, the lava countertop also looks so stylish to bring the style of your bathroom to a whole new level.

White Marble with Gold Veins Bathroom Vanity Tops

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The trend of 2018 bathroom vanity tops is all about the glam, and the white marble countertop with gold vein is one of the great options. It’s the alternative way to make a common marble countertop to look way more mesmerizing.

Usually, the white marble countertop with gold vein is used to complete an all-white cabinet. It means to let the countertop look stand out.

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Earthy Granite Bathroom Vanity Tops

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The traditional granite countertop doesn’t lose its popularity from time to time. There are lots of homeowners who still choose the granite countertop to complete their bathroom vanity.

The thing is, this kind of vanity is commonly paired with the bold-colored cabinet this year. It’s because the granite countertop can neutralize the colorful cabinet in a more decorative way.

Bamboo Bathroom Vanity Tops

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The bamboo countertop can be a good alternative to give an earthy touch to your bathroom decor if wood sound too old-fashioned for you. It gives a much fresher nuance to the bathroom atmosphere due to its gorgeous natural look.

Black Concrete Bathroom Vanity Tops

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Instead of choosing the unfinished concrete countertop, you can finish it with black to create a much bolder look. It’s also can be a good option for you who are looking for a countertop design to complete your modern minimalist bathroom layout.


Pick the right vanity which suits the overall decoration of your own bathroom so you will have a cozy nuance. Determine the vanity’s top and base material, color combination, and accessories (like pulls, knobs, or accent) to have a beautiful bathroom. Those thoughts can be the easy considerations to choose the best bathroom vanity tops for you.


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